Want to see a Tower up close?

Drop by to see them at these locations:::

800 Missouri Ave Palm Harbor 34683

Witch's Brew
1219 Florida Avenue Palm Harbor, 34683


              What's in your food?!?!

We on a mission to help empower Families to provide inexpensive, the finest, purest living potent source of daily nutrients and vitamins From their door to their plate.

What you get from buying a Tower 

  • Substantial monthly savings in cut costs at the grocery store.
  • No more frustration of  having to throw away rotted vegetables. Pick only what you need.
  • Freshest produce not old produce that was harvested weeks ago before it ripened
  • Increased vitamin intake which supports healthy bodies.
  • knowledge of knowing what eating. 
  • Ability to choose Non G.M.O. seeds and and natural pesticides.
  • Freedom from market fluctuation. You will always pay pennies for produce now!!!!
  • Time saved  from  shopping  for produce.
  • Grow what you want. It's always in season on your Tower Garden.
  •  Learn self sustainability
  • Gain respect for nature
  • Satisfaction and Confidence
  • Developing good eating habits
  • Bonding with your children, priceless.
  • A fun and rewarding activity for any age.
  • Best of all, you get to reap all the rewards of your labor! How rewarding is that?

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