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Dr. David Collom DPM

Podiatric physician specializing in treating those in long term care facilities. 

Working with patients suffering from a long list of disorders and conditions many of which consist of vague symptoms and do not respond appropriately to mainstream medical treatment has led me to research and gain an understanding of alternative and holistic avenues of healthcare especially in terms of what we ingest both physically and mentally.

I also have an engineering background and long lasting interest in plants, more specifically Bonsai, which peaked my interest in genetic modification of plants.  Initially I thought it was of great need but upon further research have found that corporation power and greed driving the force behind GMOs is causing a lack of proper testing and oversight where natural pesticide formation from one organism is transferred to another organism genetically but the new plant may be producing it in a much larger proportion which becomes detrimental to our health and the health of beneficial insects which we need to survive.  This is only one example.

This is also true with our production of meat loaded with hormones and antibiotics.   We as a species continue to think we can outsmart nature only to discover that we lack enough understanding of the holistic nature of the planet.  We correct one issue only to create others such as creating food crops which don't produce seed and this genetic information leaking into the natural environment.

 I feel we are at a point in history where we need to make great changes to correct the path we are on otherwise the only alternative may be to evolve into non biological beings.  Growing our own food and increasing our awareness beyond the mainstream media is a great start in improving our health and the health of the planet.

We are Dr. David Collom and Linda Bock, parents that are  concerned about the chemicals that are used in the production of the foods we eat.  We are also aware of environmental concerns with are production and shipping of food.  We see the detrimental long and short term effects it has had on people and the planet.

Our company is based on the idea that anyone can  successfully, conveniently and affordably  grow produce right at their home.    We believe   our  health and rights are more important  than large  corporation earnings. We  have a right to freely choose not to be fooled that everything is too large of a cause and that we as individuals can not make an impact  towards change. 

Change begins at home!

We are committed to save our planet's natural resources.  Tower Garden  systems use only 1/10 of precious water and land  and plants grow 30% quicker compared to traditional gardening.


After months of research, we have found that aeroponic and  hydroponic vertical systems were the easiest,  most uncomplicated, reliable,   economical and cost effective solution to our concerns.


Linda Bock [Health Coach]
Linda is a certified personal trainer, Pilates, and Silver Sneakers Instructor. She has  
worked in the heath and wellness field for over 30 years.

Trained in classical ballet, Linda began 
her journey towards personal fitness and healthy living at a young age. Dance gave her a foundation in biomechanics which parlayed into a massage therapy career.

She worked for 20 years in doctors' offices and her own practice treating and relieving chronic pain through the use of holistic healing. Linda's passion for personal health led her to her current role as a corrective exercise instructor.

Linda's personal training is individualized to fit the client's needs. She focuses on preventing injuries and fixing pain. Utilizing Pilates techniques, Linda works with her clients to form sensible, effective, challenging workouts in a supportive environment.

Linda believes in effecting positive changes that will last a lifetime. Her personal motto is "It's never too late!



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