Want to see a Tower up close?

Drop by to see them at these locations:::

800 Missouri Ave Palm Harbor 34683

Witch's Brew
1219 Florida Avenue Palm Harbor, 34683


Dallas's Tower 50 days

Dallas's Tower 10 days   

Grow Zucchini  in  just a few weeks 

If your  not up for eating vegetables  We have a Solution for that too

Open Daily by appointment or call  for hours of operation.

We offer free Tower Garden Introduction Talks for events, Groups or Facilities. Please call for more information and scheduling.

727-512-3888  2labock@gmail.com

How The Tower Garden Works

 Children Young and Old love growing their own food.   Help  us bring Towers into every school!!

We offer  free Tower Garden Introduction Talks for schools, events, Groups or Facilities.  Please call for more information and  scheduling. 727-512-3888

From One Mom to Another!


Watch  me grow

The Ultimate Green Store

Easy Green Tower

Rogue Hydro

Easy as 1,2,3

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